NFL picks against the spread 2017, Week 2: Browns, Bills are sneaky underdog bets

We have a full slate of games this week. Though, I’d like to ask the NFL to have the Texans-Bengals game from Thursday night stricken from the record. We’re actually worse off having seen that.

The Bengals looked like they might actually score a touchdown at one point (they didn’t) until Tyler Eifert basically ruined it.

Eifert, who was wide open in the back of the end zone, was calling for the football. Except he was calling for it while he was out of bounds — way out of bounds:

He established himself back in, but you can’t be the first to touch the football after that, so he was called for illegal touching. The Bengals were forced to settle for a field goal because of it.

Deshaun Watson was making his first NFL start on Thursday, and Geno Atkins gave him a taste of what getting swept off your feet by a two-time All-Pro feels like:

So much in recent times that it makes the two franchises seem closer than their 900-plus mile separation.
Mike Daniels is questionable with a hip injury, but expected to play after a dominant performance against the Seahawks.

The Packers listed seven players on this week’s Friday injury report, four of whom are essentially starters and another two who play key backup roles. Joining Bulaga with the questionable tag are a pair of the team’s brightest stars in the trenches: left tackle David Bakhtiari and defensive tackle Mike Daniels.

Meanwhile, Daniels had a hip issue flare up in Thursday’s practice, limiting him in practice. However, despite his questionable tag, he expressed confidence in his availability on Twitter Thursday night.
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