I’d like to eliminate instant replay, honestly, Gruden said, per Kevin Patra of NFL.com.

Like the Jaguars, the Tennessee Titans don’t have a high-end draft pick to peddle this offseason. But unlike the Jags, the Titans have the cap space to sign a player like Beckham to a long-term deal without having to miss a meal.

An argument can be made that if cap-rich teams like the Titans, 49ers and Rams truly wanted a star receiver that badly, they’d have brought in Robinson or traded for Landry. A counterargument might be that Beckham is an entirely different animal, and that nobody else available this offseason has possessed that kind of star power.

But unlike all of the other teams listed here, the Titans used a top-five pick in the 2017 draft on a wide receiver. If they truly believe in Corey Davis, trading for Beckham would be a strange move.

I wasn’t really worried about [the elbow], Seager said. I was just more worried about getting into some games and into the flow of things.

Oh wait: Here’s some drama, if you look hard enough. That morning, Roberts was asked if he might give Seager some extra days off during the season.

If there is a day after night game, or we’re running him out there too much, Roberts said. We’ll manage him week-to-week.

Technology has given sports leagues around the world an opportunity to correct their mistakes through the power of replay, and after spending nine years in the booth for Monday Night Football, new Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden would like to see the NFL make a drastic change.

That would be my No. 1 thing. Let the officials call the game. That’s just my opinion. I try not to play that game of ‘wish-list,’ you know what I mean

When Jansen walked out to the mound for his outing, it was a far cry from his usual California Love entrance at Dodger Stadium. He rolled through three batters, throwing mostly sliders instead of his signature cutter, and then walked off the field and picked up his son, holding him while he did a TV interview.patriots_099